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13 - 17/06/2022 Study Tour to Germany

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To deepen the exchange between Thai and German agricultural practitioners the Project will organize a Study Tour to Germany. The Tour program will include a visit of the DLG Field Days, which are conducted from 14 to 16 June in Mannheim in the province of Baden-Wuerttemberg where an exchange between practitioners from the Thai and German side will be arranged.


The main theme of the DLG Field Days: “My crop production, My future” can bee seen likewise relevant for Thai Farmer and well reflects the strengthening of the capacity and the future viability of the Thai Clusterfarmers aimed by the Project.

25 - 27/05/2022 Agritechnica Asia - Clusterfarm Summit


AGRITECHNICA ASIA in its third edition is an agricultural exhibition that covers all of Asia by focusing on Asia’s largest agricultural buyers from across the region.


Clusterfarms are among the largest producers of farm products in Thailand and thus can become an interesting target group for companies providing modern machinery, equipment and services.


The Project will create a platform on the Agritechnica  to link Clusterfarms to agribusiness companies to support the exchange of knowledge and access to modern technology and services.



February 2022 Training on Group Counseling for Provincial/ District Extension staff + subsequent Group Counseling meetings


The Project will train the provincial/ district extension staff with support from DLG on implementing and conducting the counselling of Clusterfarm Manager Groups of 8 – 10 participants.

The provincial/ district extension staff will be enabled to hold the group counselling sessions by them selves.

The Project will contribute modules from a constant learning approach to the future meetings.

24 - 28/01/2022 Workshops with German Machinery Ring on implementing of Machine Sharing


Over the past five decades, the agricultural sector in Thailand has experienced a rapid and extensive processes of mechanization. Nowadays in nearly all steps of the production cycle machines are in use. Larger machines or specialized equipment are often hired as a service from a contractor.


In Germany Machinery Rings facilitate farmers to obtain inexpensive access to agricultural machinery. For Clusterfarms this model may offer the opportunity to share amongst each other machines owned by the members and the Clusterfarm and in the future increase the machinery asset of the Clusterfarm to reduce costs and obtain better service. 

06 - 24/12/2021 Strategic-Action-Plan Workshops


From the Baseline Survey and the visits of the Pilot-Clusterfarms it was found, that most Pilot-Clusterfarms lack the initiatives to explore the options for joint activities like joint buying/ selling or machine use. They mostly rely on external actors like governmental departments and the private sector to take initiatives. A greater subsidiarity should be strived for to encourage the Clusterfarmers to jointly manage their needs and their future development.


In December 2021 workshops with all Pilot-Clusterfarms had been conducted where each Clusterfarm developed their specific Strategic Action Plan where the different projects of the Action Plan shall be managed by the Clusterfarm Manager following a project life cycle.

16/12/2021 Technical Exchange on Production- and Machine Cost Standard Data in Germany


In the context of improving the mechanization of the Clusterfarms and implementing a machine sharing model similar to the German Machinery Rings the calculation of machine costs is of importance for defining the service fees for the rental of machines either between the Clusterfarm Members or from the Clusterfarm as a joint entity. 


In Germany the data provided by KTBL are regularly used by Machine Rings as basis for the calculation of machine fees and planning of new productions or its improvement. 


To give the DOAE an overview on the generation of respective data and the option for its usage especially for production and mechanization improvement as well as machine sharing within Clusterfarms the Project organized a technical exchange with KTBL. 

01 - 03/12/2021 Field Visit with German Delegation

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After the Project Steering Committee Meeting the German Delegation lead by Ms. Svenja FUHRMANN, Executive Officer, Division 624, International Projects, Twinning and accompanied by Dr. Bernd CHRISTIANSEN, Counsellor for Food and Agriculture at the German Embassy to Bangkok together with the Department of Agricultural Extension, DLG Thai and the Project Team visited 4 of the 8 Pilot-Clusterfarms in 3 Provinces to obtain a better understanding of the current situation of the Clusterfarms and the needs for their further sustainable development. 

30/11/2021 Project Steering Committee Meeting

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MR. Rapibhat CHANDARASRIVONGS, the permanent Secretary of the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives received the German Delegation from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and its general agent GFA Consulting Group as well as representatives from the German Embassy to Bangkok on the occasion of the Steering Committee Meeting of the joint Project.   

The second Meeting of the Project Steering Committee had been conducted, comprising on the Thai side of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) and the Department of Agricultural Extension (DOAE) and on the German side of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and its General Agency GFA Consulting Group GmbH (GFA) as well as representatives from the Consortium implementing the Project together with the Thai Partner DOAE. It was concluded, that despite the contact and travel restrictions imposed due to the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 the Project had made good progress and met its targets so far.

26/11/2021 Exchange on Group Counselling for Clusterfarm Managers

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Strengthening the capacity of the Clusterfarm Management is one of the most important topics of the concept for a further development of the extension service for Clusterfarms. The Project approaches this topic by a constant learning system combined with the counselling of the Clusterfarm managers on the management of the Strategic-Action-Plans with had been developed by the Members of each Clusterfarmer with support of the Project.


As a first step the Project organized an Exchange for related staff of DOAE with Mr. Erik Guttulsroed from DLG, who introduced the Group Counseling concept.

17/11/2021 Clusterfarm Future Conference

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The Project together with its partner, the Department of Agricultural Extension and DLG Thai organized the Clusterfarm Future Conference as part of the Agritechnica Asia & Horti Asia Regional Summit - organized by DLG Thai.


It was the first event of its kind and brought together Governmental Actors, Clusterfarmers, as well as local and foreign experts to exchange about the needs of the Clusterfarms for a further sustainable development and new approaches for management, internal cooperation and agricultural production.


100 participants joint this half day session onsite and almost 200 online.

11/11/2021 Working Group Meeting

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In order to manage the Project at National and Provincial/ District Level and ensure the involvement of all relevant stakeholders from official as well as from private sector Working Groups had been installed on National as well as on Provincial Level.


The Project Team had presented the Progress of the Project and presented the updates on the Clusterfarm Future Conference and the upcoming Steering Committee Meeting and subsequent field visit with the German Delegation to the Pilot Clusterfarms as well as the Strategic Action Plan workshops and other Project activities until end of the year 2021.