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Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives


Implemented by the consortium of:

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Project Coordination


Operational Partner in Thailand


The Bilateral Cooperation Project between Germany and Thailand to Promote the Sustainable Development of Cluster Farms in Thailand is an instrument of bi-national technical and policy exchange of experiences, perspectives, and guidelines in the context of the transformation towards sustainable and resilient food systems. Our common goal is to contribute to the realization of the right to food as well as climate justice and an agri-food economy that creates food security and employment prospects.


Both Thailand and Germany have a strong agricultural sector integrated into global supply chains, diverse agricultural structures, an active civil society, and high scientific expertise. The relevant stakeholders of both countries are interested in deepening an open and factual dialogue, because the challenges for national and international food- and agricultural policies against the background of globally interconnected food systems can only be mastered in cooperation and mutual understanding between the stakeholders.

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